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10/26/20: A Foggy Start

This time 'round we decided to get to Hampton Roads in the southern Chesapeake Bay, and near the entrance to the ICW, without delay. Three years ago we spent nearly two weeks covering that distance, enjoying lovely stays at Annapolis and Cambridge before being stalled at the dock at Solomons and Deltaville due to wind and rain.  Fog was hanging in the air as we left Baltimore. We had about a mile of visibility, so off we went. The Bay Bridge loomed ghostly in the distance and above us as we moved beyond. The waters were quiet with very little activity save a huge container ship whose giant wake jarred us awake. We felt we deserved that lovely glass of wine at day's end, compliments of friends Bill and Lisa Tate.

10/25/20: The Adventure Continues

Join us as tomorrow we leave our homeport of Baltimore to head down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) for another big adventure!  Most of you reading this know our story. Nearly 15 years ago we left our jobs, put renters in our suburban Seattle home and spent a year looping around the U.S. in a Chevy truck. We also spent ten weeks abroad. It was our first "big adventure." And one we will never forget. As a result of that trip we relocated to Northern Virginia and filled the next decade with full-time work and travel whenever we could fit it in. And we bought a boat. It was the beginning of a whole new adventure.  In February 2017 we retired to our boat, Oasis. The 39-foot Silverton is docked in Baltimore's Inner Harbor and she is, for now, our full-time home. We headed south with her down the Intracoastal Waterway in late 2017 and now we're doing it again. As we all find ways to cope with the covid-19 pandemic, it seemed there was no one good decision on how to spend th