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Changing Course

While sitting in Jacksonville this past winter we started to discuss whether we wanted to return to land -- at least for part of the year. We decided we did.  You may ask -- and others already have -- why the shift?  We thoroughly enjoy the liveaboard lifestyle. But winter is a challenging season. Heading south on the ICW to escape the worst of the cold is a great adventure that we have experienced twice. We enjoyed those extended cruises but it doesn't call us every year.  One year we stayed on the boat until Super Bowl Sunday early in February (brrrr!), then spent two months-plus traveling Florida and bordering states by car. In 2020, just as the pandemic was taking hold, we rented a rowhouse in Baltimore for the chilliest months. All were good options. But at our root we are homeowners. The boat is one home, but it doesn't suit year round. So we decided it was time to have a land option. On the return trip to Baltimore in late April we docked at York River Yacht Haven, a pre