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6/26/21: The Perks of Time on Anchor

Mark has always been a fan of cruising to an isolated bay or creek and dropping anchor for a day or two or longer. Initially I was less enthusiastic. Will the anchor hold? What happens if it lets loose in the middle of the night? For most newbie on-anchorites, those are probably the two biggest questions. What if? Many years of boating under my belt, I am now a true-blue aficionado of hanging on anchor. There isn't another experience that compares. First, it is QUIET. Birdsong is the most common noise. Inevitably there will be a lovely sunset. For some reason, we have also seen more than our share of full moon risings while on anchor. You may share your water space with another boat or two, but they want the same thing you do. Privacy, quiet, space. It's doubtful you will ever feel crowded in an anchorage unless you choose it. Dinghy rides, swimming, sunning, eagle watching, grilling dinner and drinking wine on the aft deck. That's about as complicated as life gets on ancho

6/14/21: A Visit to Brookside Gardens

No season is complete without a visit to a botanical garden. On the cusp of summer, we finally made the 40 minute drive from Baltimore to Maryland's beautiful Montgomery County to see the even more beautiful Brookside Gardens. Many botanical gardens are part of historic properties or estates owned by the well to do that are in turn generously shared with the rest of us. Best I can glean, Brookside Gardens was instead the result of a community effort to create a formal garden open to the public on land once owned by a landscape nursery. It's a lovely garden and obviously an integral part of many local residents' day to day routine as they take their regular turn through one well-designed garden room after another. The butterflies, bees and cicadas were happy, too. Enjoy the photos!