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1/2/21 to 3/1/21: Closing Out Two Months in Jacksonville

We arrived in Jacksonville early in January 2021 and have spent an uneventful, very quiet two months at the Marina at Ortega Landing. It’s a nice marina and with its nearly 200 slips full, has been more active than any we’ve encountered thus far. There are lots of liveaboards on our dock and several transients who are waiting out the worst of the pandemic before moving on. People are friendly so it's been nice for casual distanced visits. Pump out is in the slip — a very nice perk. The facility and docks are new, clean and beautifully maintained. Unfortunately there is a lot of competition for the small laundry room. Since I’m usually the one hauling laundry to and fro, I’m the one grumbling when there is a waiting line. But it's really been our only inconvenience. Weather-wise North Florida got cheated the past couple months. Instead of the normal sun and 60s and 70s, we got a preponderance of gray gloom, rain and chilly conditions. Compared to the onslaught of winter that hit