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5/22/21: Back in Baltimore

We arrived in Baltimore nearly three weeks ago. It feels good to be home. Temps are up, the pandemic is easing, and peonies are in bloom. All good reasons to celebrate, sniff a flower and take a hike in pretty Patapsco State Park.

4/6/21 to 5/2/21: Steaming Our Way Back to Baltimore

Looking at my photo stream since April 6, I would like to see shots of pretty sunsets, spring flowers, charming watertowns. Instead, I have photos and video of water and steam being expelled out the starboard backside of our boat. It’s an issue we’ve been dealing with for weeks, but especially this past month.  I won't bore you with all the the details but suffice to say the water you see coming out is supposed to be there. The steam is not. That steam usually means something is impeding the flow of cooling water to the engine. This creates flashes of heated water (steam). For us the problem exhibited itself when running the boat at high speeds. Run fast over a period of time and the engine begins to overheat. Even I know an overheating engine is a very bad thing. For a long time, we just did not go fast.  Mark spent hours researching and more hours in the engine room, testing, checking, replacing, pulling things apart and putting them back together. We involved two different mecha