Doors of Williamsburg

I've always enjoyed the late fall and Christmas season in Williamsburg's historic district. The streets and byways are quieter. The houses and other buildings take on almost a sculptural quality as the trees lose their dense leaf cover and views stretch further than during any other season. But mostly I like the doors.

Well, not the door itself (although I do appreciate those old latches, hinges and door knockers). It's the beautiful, organic holiday decor that catches my eye.

Every year a fresh batch of gorgeous wreaths are created from real materials -- fir boughs, magnolia leaves and pods, dried flowers, wheat, cotton, shells, pine cones and fresh fruit including apples, lemons, oranges and cranberries. No plastic and polyester here. Even these natural-based wreaths are far more decorative than an 18th century local would have seen. But in our twinkle light and tinsel-encrusted world, they are a lovely change of pace.


  1. Love this post! Inspiring my custom wreath obsession.

    1. I know you could create something like this!


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