11/4/20: The Gorgeous Weather Continues

Today was a short day for us, leaving little Coinjock Marina around 11 a.m. and arriving at even littler Alligator River Marina around 2:30 p.m. It is very quiet in this part of North Carolina. Election? What election? 

I can already hear all you seasoned boaters at the idea of a 30-mile day: WIMPS!! But you know, we have nowhere we have to be at any certain time. And it was a gorgeous day. We enjoyed every minute on the water, and with good reason. We cruised down the North River and across Albemarle Sound under full sun, blue skies and calm winds. Those of you who know these waters know that was a gift. We say "thank you."

Such beauty, just out the door of Oasis at the nearly empty Alligator River Marina.

This is one of my favorite boating-related photos ever, mainly because it is of North Carolina's Albemarle Sound, a body of water that has never been kind to us. We have crossed it in rain, through choppy waves and blustery wind. Until this day, we didn't know it could look like this. It was a delight.

A great crossing of Albemarle Sound must have agreed with us!


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