11/6/2020: The Ultimate Birthday Gift

Those of you who know me well know that I love birthdays. My birthday, your birthday, anyone's birthday. Even as the years have ticked by, and added up, I still enjoy my birthday. I credit my mom for the attachment. In my world there were no huge parties or expensive gifts. But it was MY day. Mom cooked the birthday dinner I requested, and baked the homemade cake I chose. I got to pick the TV shows we watched that evening. She did the same for my siblings. Birthdays were special, and by extension, made me feel special.

Today was my birthday, and it was special. I am so very, very grateful. Gliding through the calm waters of North Carolina's Alligator and Pungo rivers, feeling the balmy breezes wash across when I stood on the bow to take photos of the glorious skies and water, I felt very alive. Healthy, free, loved. How could I possibly ask for more. Thanks to all my friends and family who sent birthday wishes. I love and appreciate all of you. 


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