11/3/20: Finally in the ICW

Yes, despite all our plans to escape the Bay, we got stalled by weather in Hampton. Six nights worth of stall. Actually, at least a couple of days were due to the injured Gilmerton Bridge downriver near Norfolk. A runaway barge crammed into the railroad portion, rendering it useless for at least two full days. So all of us ICW'ers were stuck until it was repaired.And it was. And the winds calmed. So today off we went the 60 miles to Coinjock, NC.  

We could not have asked for a more beautiful fall cruising day. Clear, crisp, gorgeous blue skies and smooth water. Enjoy the photos.

Ships of all shapes and sizes cover the waterfronts of the Hampton Roads region.

The Gilmerton Bridge was back to normal.

Heading into the Great Lock.

Mind those lines!

The last boat enters the lock and the gates close. The difference in water levels is minimal compared to other locks. We dropped a few inches at most.

Leaving the Great Lock for the timed opening of Great Lock Bridge. The dance occurs hourly. If you miss it, you wait.

Another timed opening for a bridge on the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal. We lucked out and made it through after waiting only a few minutes. Many newer bridges are high enough for Oasis to pass under. But there are plenty of old-style swing and bascule bridges that either open on the half or whole hour or require a radio request to the bridge tender for an opening. 


  1. The sailing schedule is one that is own it's own timeline. Sea Time ;-) Great Photo's!


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