12/27/20 to 12/28/20: Gorgeous Georgia

We lucked out on our first venture into Georgia waters. Mother Nature delivered clear skies, calm winds and smooth, plate glass water.

The Georgia ICW route we've seen the past couple days is an endless maze of creeks and rivers. Corkscrews of water curve, loop around and intersect islands and salt marshes. There are no straight lines! I really wouldn't want to navigate these waters without decent charts. In fact, some poor soul on a recently-purchased catamaran radioed the marina where we stayed last night, saying he had no idea where he was. Not sure how that story ended but I bet it happens with dismaying frequency.


Thunderbolt Marine is a no-frills marina not far from the famous Bonaventure Cemetery near Savannah. Great for a short stay and, extra points for hospitality, they give you a box of fresh Krispy Kreme donuts in the morning. 

Unlike North and South Carolina, so far we have seen little shoreline development along Georgia's ICW. I know some of the lands are refuges or otherwise protected. And most of it looks soggy, so perhaps not buildable. Whatever, we love it because it's a treat to cruise through these quiet waters.

Dolphins love Georgia! They pop in and out of the nearby inlets leading to the Atlantic. We saw at least a dozen today, almost all of them swimming alone. I've given up trying to photograph them and just enjoy the show.

I want to be part of the naming committee for local waterways. Tonight we are on anchor in New Teakettle Creek. There is also an Old Teakettle Creek. As well as Shipyard Creek, Blackbeard Creek, Hell Gate, Redbird Creek, Moon River, Skidaway River and Buttermilk Sound.

On arrival at our anchorage, the welcoming committee of one came calling — a big brown pelican. He/she quietly treaded water near our swim step for several minutes. When no offerings were forthcoming, off it flew. No further contact.

Today was a day of crayon colors, served up Georgia style in sun and water and sky. I never know what I'll get when I point my old iPhone 7 at a subject of interest and press that white dot. Today I got a bucket of memories along with those crayon colors. Feeling grateful.



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