Settling In

We closed on our house! And we're in and more or less settled. It's going to be great.

Those of you who know me also know that moving is at the top of my "Things I Hate Most" list. I love the outcome. The process is hell. Mark does better and just does what needs to be done. None of this matters now as we winnow down the last of the unpacked boxes, take yet another load to Goodwill and see what, if any of our unwanted furniture, can be consigned. 

We downsized dramatically when we left our townhouse in Herndon and put what was left in storage before moving onto our boat. Now, as we move into a compact space with a much different, more contemporary vibe than previous homes, we are letting loose of more. I have never been afraid to get rid of stuff and look forward to the day when the floors are free of outcast lamps and there is more art on the walls.

Until then, a few snaps of moving day and the new house.


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